Monaco, August 2020

1st day :
Summer in Monaco. I’m trying nudist beach for the first time. It’s sounds like a revelation for me who always wanted to live naked. I discovered this new feeling: being naked, without complex, feeling the wind caressing my whole body, swimming freely without any clothes. And these people around, naked too, who enjoy of this feeling. They are regulars of course, but that doesn’t prevent them from throwing glances at newcomers like me. It is not unpleasant.

2nd day :
The naturist beach I’ve been frequenting for few days now is mainly occupied by old people, I do not come there to hook up. However, that day, a young and elegant man is present few meters away. I don’t deprive myself of watching him. He looks at me too. Then a game settles between us, without words, just gestures. I decide to go swimming, waiting for him to join me. But although he watches me enjoying the coolness of the water alone, he doesn’t join me.

I get out of the water, it’s getting late, so I decide to go home, not forgetting to walk by him when leaving in order to smile at him.
I came home, frustrated and disappointed.

3rd day :
Like every afternoon, I come back to the beach, willing to enjoy this special moment for the last time.

Then I saw him, this stranger who frustrated me so much yesterday. I know it’s now or never. I decide to start my courtship again to attract him. I lay down on my towel, spreading my legs, glancing at him. He seems more receptive, but still doesn’t take any steps towards me. I come back in the sea, he doesn’t join me, again. So I decide to give up, maybe he is straight, although his cock ring makes me doubt.

I can’t stop staring at him, his muscle body, his cock pumped by the cock ring, his disinterested look. But he starts touching himself while looking at me, I know it’s the signal, but I can’t go towards him, the beach is still full of nudists.

It’s getting late, people are starting to leave, he gets ready to leave too. I am disillusioned.

But rather than heading for the exit of the beach, he comes to me, nodding me to join him towards the nearby rocks. I start to get hard immediately, forced to put my towel around me so that the irreducible occupants of the beach don’t see me like that.

I finally discover this mysterious stranger who has occupied my thoughts for two days. We start talking, while touching, kissing each other, no matter if people see us. I’m very excited, him too, so we’re having fun. I take pleasure in tasting his ass. For long minutes, face to the sea, he enjoys it so much that he cums. I also did. The curious still present on the beach must have enjoyed the show. We shower, and walk back together while talking. Then, it’s time to leave, we each go our own way, without keeping the slightest contact.

I no longer remember his name, hardly his face, but this meeting changed me. I only had two ex-boyfriends before but never such adventures. However, this man helped me freeing myself, proving to me that I can please, without going through dating app or instagram. I can be attractive in real life.