As far as relationships are concerned, a criterium of mine is not one’s physical appearance, rather the personality. The physical is ephemeral … the personality is what characterizes a person. I hope to find an interesting  person, someone who invites you to his journey of life and also participates in yours. Even if he has an ordinary life, he could still tell it in such a way so that it becomes something extraordinary. If he also seeks to discover the world together, then it does not take more for me to be attracted to him.

One ingredient that can’t be missed is the opportunity to be together physically, such as living in the same city, sharing common friends, carrying out the same activities, etc. This is the problem with dating through applications. They allow you to talk to a person who is literally hundreds of miles away but when it comes to meeting, that’s when the trouble starts. I don’t say it’s impossible  but it’s definitely more difficult and when it comes to relationships, I would rather focus on other pleasant aspects of the relationship instead of distance.

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