It’s all started when my ex-bf gave me his old iPhone. So, he was the first sponsor of my photos. I began to take photos of myself but it’s quite difficult to run like a mad person and strike a pose when you have only 10 seconds. I decided to take photos of guys who I found sexy and handsome.

It’s quite hard to find a model here in Belarus. Taking nudes photos is considered as something shameful by many people and some of them even blocked me immediately after they took a look at my Insta. I think there’s some hypocrisy, being gay looking for guys on Hornet to have sex with and keeping some naked pics for that purpose but saying it’s immoral to be part of a naked photoshooting. I’m lucky I don’t need to hide the fact of being a gay but some guys have to. There’s a certain percent of guys who regularly browse my photos on Insta but they will never become my followers or interact because they are afraid. I do not throw the blame on them but it’s about society we live in.

Being a gay is not a crime in Belarus but it’s better to keep it a secret. There’s a gay club in Minsk and some irregular parties but the problem is that police can come at any time at any club to look for drugs. They identify you with your passport data. You’re not a criminal and you’re free to leave but the police thus have a list of gays. I wonder why on Earth they need to know that. The rest is OK. We have no laws against gay propaganda like they have in Russia.

All my models have some common features. As one can see all the models of mine are just ordinary guys. Usually they don’t like their bodies. I am used to hearing: “I’m fat!”, “My feet are thin!”, “I’m ugly in this photo” etc. Usually I advise them to love their faces and bodies and send them screenshots paying compliments on their photos left by other users.

—- by Markus Panitskov (Instagram @markuspanitskov)

Anton is just an ordinary shy guy who lives next door. Easy to work with. We lived in the same house a year ago but I had never noticed him. He wrote me on Hornet, came for a cup of coffee and then I decided to shoot him. It was fun. He liked it and wrote me back again asking when we would meet next time for another photoshoot. The third meeting was at Anton’s place. There were great photos with lots of likes on Insta. Definitely there will be another photo session.

Kirill M is my favourite model. He’s also loved by everybody on my Insta. He’s a theatre actor so it’s a real pleasure to work with him. He is open friendly honest easy to communicate and cooperate. Unfortunately we rarely see each other because he’s often on tours with his theatre. Besides he has a job here, while he is in Belarus. But I’m looking forward to taking photos of him again and again.

Kirill L is my old friend’s boyfriend though I wasn’t aware of that fact. He is one of those guys who are never satisfied with their bodies. Though I like shooting him. We had a nice photo shooting in August on a lake. It was rainy and windy and very cold. I had to go into waters to shoot from there standing on a step-ladder hoping I wouldn’t fall. Kirill fell ill the next day. I was lucky. Now he took a break until next spring to work over his body.


Artemij doesn’t like his body. I shot him once and he didn’t like most of the pics. He said he had been ugly in them. Though I find him sexy. The first photo shooting is always quite hard because I don’t know the model, its body, its attractive postures. On my mind Artemij has a sexy body and face so I can’t understand why he doesn’t love himself. This series of bathroom pics in red light was the only Artemij liked.

Kirill Nov – sweet 16, actually 18, of course. Sweet child. Abandoned one. His step-father saw his private messages on a laptop screen and told his mother her son was gay. It was a disaster. She said she didn’t want to see him anymore at her house. His elder brother disown him also. Kirill was 17 y.o. then. He waited until 18 and left for Moscow to find a job there. Finally his mother changed her mind, apologized and Kirill came back to Minsk. It took a half of a year. Happy ending.

Nikita is nice. I call him a kitten. Unfortunately we had only one photo shooting as Nikita must do his military service. But the good news is that he will stay in Minsk and the service is at the same place where he’s working now. Actually he’s a dancer at the army dance ensemble. I left him my phone number in case he will have some free time because I work nearby his military unit. See you soon Nikita. I do hope!