I was born in the winter of ’92 in Ghent. My father came here from Turkey in the summer of ’90, my mother followed him 1 year later, together with my 5 years old sister at that time. A business trip to Paris to celebrate the sales numbers of the pharmaceutical company he worked for turned out completely different. He did not take the flight back home.

The politically turbulent Turkey of the 80s haunted him further after he graduated from college as his passport request to leave the country for a business trip was declined because of his ‘political past’. Eventually, after many troubles and thanks to some connections he did manage to get his passport and visa, but this experience made him clear; this was not the environment in which he wanted to raise his children.

He ended up in Ghent and his decision was made to stay even though this meant he’d have to start up from scratch. After living apart for a year, my mother finally joined him in the spring of ’91, right on time to get their welcome present next winter 😉

In Belgium, he took a mission upon himself, which was bringing people closer by the means of music. He taught many to play the Turkish guitar, took part in many projects and now his students are teaching themselves. I wish I could follow him in his footsteps, but unfortunately there’s no musician in me. Instead it was a childhood dream to fly. Today I can happily call myself a member of a family like team in the sky, going the extra smile, sharing the love for flying on each and every flight.







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