“Do you know a nudists beach nearby which due to the season will not be crowded and I will be able to swim free? " he asked him.
P. without wasting time, led him to his favorite. The one that is far from the eyes of curious passengers  and that only few people know. A beach with large pebbles and 2 caves to protect yourself from the sun.
He opened the door with a smile, wearing a T-shirt and loggers.
"Have a sit" he told him, pointing to his second bed.
"What coffee should I order?" He asked him, picking up the phone.
"Fredo espresso" P. replied and lay down on the bed making himself comfortable. He was wearing a loose shorts (without underwear) and a T-shirt. Until the coffee was served, they talked about various topics just to break the silence. From the shorts someone could see his balls and his loose cock, something that the traveler quickly discovered, casting sly glances trying not to get noticed...
The traveler after a short wandering found the place and when he was full of sun and salt he sent P. some nude photos to say “thank you”. P. felt the first waves of sexual excitement hitting him. They continued the conversation to get to know each other a little more.

The visitor would stay in the small town for one night. Short stop and then continue on the business trip. In the messages he said that the purpose was to have a good time tonight. He was a big city boy, close to his age, married with a child and traveled frequently. He offered to have a coffee in exchange for the beautiful beach. The appointment was given in the Hotel room. They both knew that it would not be a simple meeting for coffee ...
After the coffee and the conversation they came closer. They exchanged kisses as they explored each other's bodies with their hands. The clothes were removed to reveal the 2 hairy bodies and without wasting time P. fed the city boy with his rock hard cock. He didn’t object. He was taking care of the tool and at the same time he was jerking off with his ass in the air and his hole visible from the mirror on the wall.
"It has been years since I had a cock in my hole, I want to feel you inside me today," he told him. P. was feeling more turned on ... After a while and with the help of some lube, the head of his cock entered the "virgin" hole of the visitor, after a long time. He let out a deep sigh. It hurt but the enjoyment was great. "Keep fucking me," he shouted at him and slowly the whole cock was inside him. He fucked him for a while, first slowly and pounding him hard, until he felt that he could not hold it any longer.
P. Put his cock in traveler's mouth and he began to suck hard and wank overwhelmed by passion. After a few seconds, P. was coming on his face and chest and at the same time city boy was coming on his belly and his balls.
It took 2-3 minutes until they found the courage to walk towards the bathroom, but the traveler returned to the room because his cell phone rang.

P. showered, dressed without making a noise and greeted with a nod. He slowly closed the door behind him, leaving the city boy talking to his wife on his cell phone, with his hole stretched and the cum of a stranger on his face and his chest.