Athens, August 2020

It was a warm summer night. I was home alone waiting for a guy I was seeing that time. After chatting via Instagram we went on a couple of dates and then I timely decided to  invite him home for a drink.

He was here right on time and I greeted him at the door. We sat in the living room, we listened to some music and talked while I had gin and he had some wine. After a while, I offered to show him my room upstairs. I was living with my family and I was a bit nervous for having a boy home for the first time.

In my room I showed him some of my books, but all I could think about was kissing him, so I did. We kissed… and we kissed on my bed. Our hands were holding each others’  bodies and moved to the bulges of our shorts. I couldn’t help myself but unzipped him. I took out his uncut dick and put it in my mouth. I tried not to seem very inexperienced since it was the third time I was giving a blowjob. He had a nice dick and as I continued to suck him. I looked up his face. He was enjoying it, for sure.

Then it’s my turn. We continued in 69 and ended up cumming by jerking each other off. I guess we were both a bit nervous. We took the party downstairs and kept drinking and relaxing. Meanwhile my brother returned from his night out and went to his room.

After some chatting, we started kissing again very passionately. We started humping on the sofa face to face and we kissed some more, being very quiet at the same time so my brother wouldn’t  hear us. I can’t explain it but this moment was for me even “hotter” than earlier. There was something more intimate but also sexy in this situation that turned me on a lot. Maybe it was the fear of getting caught….I don’t know.

He started to gently choke me with his hand as we were humping, asking me “If I liked it.” Which I did honestly. For me it was over, I started panting next to his ear and I did cum again. One of the best times I ever had.