To be honest I discovered my sexuality and developed the perception of my body very early. I think I lost my virginity at the age of 12 or 13 with my “girlfriend” at the time. And my first time with a boy was when I was 15.

I was born in a generation where porn could be found in two clicks. It has of course impact on what I like today.

Even though I think kinks are linked to the personality and the most primitive version of ourselves. There is a ton of kinks, the obvious ones and the more specifics.

For myself I like to say that I’m open to discover with the one that is in front of me (or various ones). Always curious but not all kinks can do it for me of course.

I describe myself a vanilla boy with a strong spicy kick. What I love most is that sense of authority and domination vs that of devoted submission.

I love to be controlled, to be taken and to get dominated. The body language, words, the look and the actions of a dominant man excite me.

In fact I can be dominant too sometimes.

I love when a man gets in the typical woman’s lingerie. It is one of the sexiest things to me. So simple yet still considered subversive to some. A fishnet, a thong maybe a bra.. yeah I love them and I love being in those. I think there is a power in being the submissive one. When you think about it, it’s the one that has the power and control but it’s so subtle.

I don’t like drugs. I don’t condemn them or judge. But I have to say that popper is an exception. I love that short lived euphoria, that heat going all across the body and feeling the heart beat and be completely open.

However, my biggest turn on i guess is the complicity that two or more bodies can have, the connection and the exchange of minds. You can have the kinkiest boy on earth in front of you if you don’t have that connection. It’s worth nothing and the pleasure is just “Meh”.