Fabien from Belgium

It is always difficult to talk about yourself or to introduce yourself.  I had the chance to grow up in the countryside in a privileged and green setting. This childhood gave me a taste for simple things and a rather calm and solitary temperament.  

In adolescence I gradually realized that I was attracted to the boys in my class rather than my female colleagues.  My first sexual experience at the age of 16 with a friend was a revelation for me.  I understood that what I was feeling was not a phase but the expression of my inner desires. I had to wait until I turned 18 and started my studies in Brussels to be able to fully assume myself and discover the gay world.  

I experienced my first loves and my first disappointments there.  Being very romantic, I also suffered from the coldness of certain encounters. Disappointed at first, I have, with the passing years, discovered that I could find pleasure in sex for the sake of sex. Some time after my arrival in Brussels I remember having accompanied a friend to a club.  This bar had a dark room and a lounge area.  

During the evening I made the acquaintance of a couple of boys who were more or less my age and who opened my shirt just to let others appreciate my hairy chest.  A little embarrassed at the start, the alcohol let me feel better and better with my bare chest.  After looking for something to drink, we sat down in the lounge area to be able to talk and get to know each other better.  

While chatting we watched the men walk in and out of the dark room and naturally we came to recount our experiences.  I then confessed to them that I had never been in this kind of place and that I did not find it reassuring to find myself alone in the middle of strangers.  They therefore offered to accompany me and show me around. They would serve as my guide and protectors in the event of an unpleasant encounter.  

Without really thinking, I entered this dark labyrinth, holding the hand of the boy and held by the waist by his friend.  After taking a few steps I discovered a new world made of groans, sighs, and partly naked intermingling bodies. Arrived in a corner my first guide turned on me and stopped. Pushed by his friend I found myself against him and I felt the  breath and warmth of my second guide against my back.  

They asked me if this place and what I guessed in the dark turned me on.  I was indeed more than a little excited and the two boys surrounding me only fueled this feeling.  I felt their hands wander over my skin, a mouth gently biting my neck while a tongue slipped between my lips.  My cock was swollen and tense, he just wanted to get out of my jeans.  Expert hands unbuttoned my fly and began to masturbate me gently. I remember the softness of his fingers running up and down, the excitement rising as I perceived the other men moving around us.  

I let myself go when I felt my companion go down slowly, his mouth deposing kisses and licks on my pecs, my nipples, my navel. Finally he took my cock in his mouth and, while stroking my balls, he began to move back and forth.  I completely abandoned myself in the arms of his boyfriend who continued to stroke my pecs and kiss me.  The pleasure rose like a tidal wave and I came in his mouth, pushing in turn a sigh of satisfaction.  From this evening on my taste and my desire in matters of sexual pleasure have never been the same.  

I discovered a new side of my sexuality. Subsequently, my sexual preferences have gradually evolved into more “kinky” practices. I am at the stage where I appreciate bonding and encounters with more dominant guys.  I appreciate being at the disposal of a man playing with my nipples and my penis, using me to find pleasure and share something.

However, I find it difficult to cope with the changes in my body and m getting older.  This is why I created a twitter profile where I reveal myself and dare to expose myself without filter to the eyes of others.  Taking a photo or video and posting it is not an easy exercise.  However, I can always decide whether or not to upload the result of my fantasies depending on how it looks on film.  The feedback is often honest and benevolent which allows me to help me move forward on the path of self-acceptance.  I now assume that I have slightly exhibitionist tendencies and appreciate the fact of finding myself naked in nature and exposed to the pleasures of others, whether it is a look, a caress or a hug.  

I am open and curious and often interested in new things.  When Chris contacted me to offer me this session, I hesitated at first because taking a picture and letting it be is completely different.  Fortunately Chris was able to put me directly at ease and very quickly made me feel good in front of his lens.  By discovering the photos he took of me I am happy to have participated in this experience and I am impatient to discover where to expose myself in photos and tell my story will lead me.


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