Thirteen years together.

I was 26, he was 30. In a place where homosexuality was still a “thorn”, we were trying to find love under secrecy. Scared and curious at the same time.  No previous experience.

“Do you ever dance?” he asked. I was sitting in an armchair, watching around, feeling the house music tunes.

“I do sometimes”, I responded. And that’s how we met.

Days later, I visited his apartment. Both shy and timid, skeptical, and nervous about what will happen next.

He approached me first. He kissed me. I kissed him back. He took me in his bedroom, he undressed me, he got undressed. My heart was ready to explode. We were like explorers of male body. Our hands, our mouths, our feet blended. The smell, the taste, the touch, our senses became one. Our eyes didn’t want to miss a moment. Our ears were synchronized to our moans. I took his cock in my mouth, he took mine. We were licking each other non-stop like we were trying to discover every pleasure we can offer. Our fingers were touching our asses, our toes, our nipples. Situation was becoming wilder with biting and spitting and hitting. No words. Only acts. Our cocks were getting harder, I wasn’t sure what would follow…  And then, he grabbed my cock and pushed it slowly inside him. His ass was tight. I was the first “intruder”. I was looking in his eyes, while I was entering inside him. Such a tense. Raw. Unprecedented. Apocalyptic. He seemed enjoying the pain, pushing me more and more inside him. I wondered if i could host him inside me. I stopped for a second. I asked him to try gently. He licked my ass, i was so wet. He tried to slide but i was defending. I was in “terror”. His huge dick was trying to violate me. I couldn’t do that. It was beyond my expectation. I could only tolerate half of it. He was ok with that. We continued by jerking off each other. We were shaking, trying to find the rhythm. We came together. Both in each other mouth. What we discovered was the rhythm of love. A never-ending love.