There’s something about cheating that makes things even hotter, likewise it’s hot seeing my boyfriend with a mouthful of another man’s meat.

He was away on a business trip and my cock had been throbbing for days, so I did what most gay or bi guys do in that situation, downloaded Grindr.

Grindr in our area was pretty dead, so it was a surprise to find a 21 year old twink only a couple of hundred feet away looking to “drain a cock”.

Turns out he just started working in the local coffee shop,  he too had a boyfriend that was away and wanted to live out a naughty fantasy.

His rules… he wanted to arrive with the door on the latch, lights out and with me on the sofa, bulging through my boxers waiting to be serviced.

We agreed to meet after his shift, and as he wanted, he walked in, got on his knees and started by sniffing and feeling my cock bulge through my boxers.

He pulled them down and wrapped his mouth around 8inches of my thick meaty cock. He couldn’t take it all, but as he told me later, he loved choking on a fat one.

He swallowed every drop, got up and left with no talking. He messaged me straight after on Grindr to say thanks for the sweet load. His boyfriend wasn’t back for a few more days so we did it again a couple of days later.

I love a guy that knows what he wants, and he just wanted to have his throat used. In his words, his boyfriend is half the size, so craves mine whenever he’s local.

I’ve seen him at his work since for a hot chocolate, we played it cool, turns out he’s incredibly cute.