I prefer to be called as ” Pink Boy”.

I grow up in the small city in the South of Italy with a family who is very traditional and conservative. They told me that I should have a good job, a wife and a family with a kids.

I always felt something “special” or “different” in me or maybe something “wrong”…but who knew it?

When I was 18 I moved in another city where I had a free life and I understood who I was and what I like. Yes, I was a gay. I became to discover other bodies and I got to know and meet many guys who, same as me, had same issues. That was a time about my coming out, but until now my mom still doesn’t support me.

I suffered in my life, I had tough time, I lost my beloved ones and I fought with a cancer, but I’m here stronger than before.

Queerness and fragility are part of my life and for this i think Im a special guy. With some friends, I’m a member of collective named “Drama Milano”, based in Milan. This is my queer family. It is a safe place where you can be yourself and express yourself openly. No gender, no rules, no discriminations, especially in a place like Italy where queer word is far away from Italian people.

“Queerness for me is freedom and different, power and loyalty. Queerness is glamour, creativity and culture. Queerness is violence, hate, ignorance but also is strength, force and fire. Never unstoppable”.

Actually I live in Berlin and I discovered a new Gabriele. Constantly I have strong and different emotions for this and i remember that one guy called me “Italian emotional guy”.

I was in home quarantine by myself and it was therapeutic for me. I started to be more comfortable with my body and became comfortable putting naked photos on my instagram account.

I’m attracted by human body, the shape of it and energy it creates, the heat and smell it gives off. No gender, we are all human. 

I like to be called “Pink Boy” but at the same time I have a second side of me, dark, kinky, sexually strong with some fetish. 

I become a hound with the masculine smell and it excites me to tie the human body and look at it. I like bondage. It excites me so much to tie up the male genitals and tease them, to see how it becomes swollen and red and give it pleasure.

I remember a few years ago that the first time I was tied up by a guy I had just met. He tied me every part of body and my cock throbbed excited. I felt satisfied. I tried only twice to tie myself for photos, but was same exciting for me.

Now Berlin is inside of me and it changes me and Im in the cast for an erotic Arabic LGBTQ+ film.

And I am in a “relationship” with a young guy, younger than me and he proposed me polyamory. Everything is new now for me, i started a new life and Im not afraid and i want to face it. I feel I know who I am and I have in full control of my life and decisions I make.