Sensuality is a gift. You start to experiment the world through you senses. When I was a young adult, I forgot about my senses, about my body and possibly about my emotions. I trusted my brain much more. Science. Scholastic knowledge. I had forgot that sensuality is a powerful tool. Always here with us.

You smell, touch, taste, hear, see the world before you even start thinking about it. You like or you hate, you collect info. And eventually, you enjoy sensuality. Not only in bed. A simple orange, a glass of water, sheets freshly cleaned, sun on your face, the smell of flowers, the music of a forest… the universe of senses is so broad and so rich.

It takes a whole life to explore it. And yet sometimes I barely notice it. Because I am so busy with the things I consider important, such as work or errands. Taking a few minutes to listen to my senses and reconnect to my body makes me peaceful. It’s like a small holiday.

Doing the shooting with Chris was such an occasion. He asked me to play with a fruit. I only had bio oranges, so I bite in one without peeling it. I was naked, wild and I let the juice running along my body. Then I started laughing. I felt like a little animal, sweet and careless.

Chris loved the light in my Bedroom. according him, doing something with that light was a must. Ok, let’s try. Let’s feel it, tame it, start some kind of discussion with it. When I saw the pictures and when I show them to a couple of friends, the results amazed us. Because it showed something so intimate… and that was a gentle sensuality. Like a way to be to the world.

When it comes to sex and love, sensuality is also part of the game. Every lover has it’s own music… made of kisses, smiles, looks, and so many things. Two people together can make a melody if they listen to each other sensuality and have fun together. If you start to explore each other body like a map, you’re sure to make a beautiful journey.