Birmingham, Summer 2015

Over the last few years, I have developed what can only be describe as an ‘impregnation fetish’ – whether that’s incorporating that in to sex with a partner or simply watching it in porn. There’s just something so primal about it and that really turns me on – the ultimate act of dominance and ownership. 

One day, whilst searching for some porn to watch, I decided to see if there were any other more inventive ways of doing it, as I wanted to feed this newly found fetish of mine. 

After some time, I came across some porn videos, both gay and straight, where a funnel was used. This caught my attention right away. 

The ‘receiver’ had a funnel inserted in their hole. Then a guy or a group of guys took it in turns to empty their loads into it. What was even hotter was when all of a sudden, the loads would just disappear into the person via the funnel. This was mind blowing, it ticked every box for me – I was hooked!

After watching many of these types of videos, I just had to try it myself. 

At the time I had an exclusive fuck-buddy, so I suggested it and shared a video I found online – he straight away agreed to do it. I instantly felt a surge of excitement run through my body, so right away I went online to look for a suitable funnel to buy. Although the majority of the videos I had seen featured a number of guys ‘donating’ their loads, I was more than happy to be doing it with just one other person. 

A few weeks later the funnel arrived and the time had come to finally try it. He came around to mine and we started to make out, talking about what we were about to do.

After plenty of foreplay, he then began to fuck me for a while, getting my hole nice and relaxed. He told me he was close to ejaculating, so I grabbed the funnel and replaced his cock with it. I handed him my phone to record it, as I didn’t want to miss this at all.

As he was filming, I could see him jerking his hard cock. I lay there on my back, holding the funnel in place, waiting for him to inseminate me in this new and exciting way.

He started to shoot streams of hot cum into the cold, plastic funnel. It felt amazing. I could only imagine what it looked like.

After we finished, we watched the clip and viewed the photos he took. He asked me “was it everything you expected it to be?” I replied “yes, and more!”

It’s safe to say we did it many more times since that fateful first night and every time it was even hotter than the last.