Victoria, British Columbia, August 2020

We, as a couple, don’t always play with others, but, there’s something about being hungover in a foreign city that can make anyone squirrelly. We fired up Grindr and started the hunt, I’m mostly a top and my partner is mostly a bottom, we were horny and would settle for anything at this point. 

We found a guy. I went out to the front of the hotel to meet him and he was very good-looking, he seemed nervous but still very friendly. 

I brought him into the hotel and up the elevator. I was in sweatpants and my cock was outlined perfectly, I noticed him staring at it in the elevator and I said “go ahead”

He instantly bent down and inhaled my scent. He was worshipping my dick through my pants and it was gorgeous to watch. We got to the 7th floor and he proceeded to fondle my dick as we walked the seemingly endless hallway to our room where my partner was waiting. We entered the room and he instantly walked over to my partner. They started making out and he (our new friend, I’ll call him, Joe) began to undress my partner. Licking and kissing every inch of his body. Joe could eat ass like nobody’s business. He dove into my partner’s ass and I was rock hard just watching. I crawled over and jammed my throbbing cock down his throat. He was moving between my partner’s ass and my cock. I am a photographer and my camera was on the table near the bed and I asked him if I could snap a few photos, no faces shown. He loved it. 

I was simultaneously getting my cock sucked and snapping photos of him servicing me and my partner. He worshiped every part of our bodies. He seemed to love feet and ass most. He buried his face into my pits and this sent me over the edge. I just kept jerking off as he sucked on my balls, I laid back and he would stick his tongue in my hole and up my chode to the base of my dick. I blew my load. Spewing strings of cum all over my chest and hands and his head. 

I grabbed my camera as he licked me clean and I shoved his head into my boyfriend’s cock. He sucked the cum out of his cock almost instantly. 

We had so much fun, we invited him back the next day.