Ghent, Belgium, 2020

I’ve always been a late bloomer. No different on my coming out or on losing my virginity. My coming out happened at 21. The first time I explored the scene I was 22, and that very evening I got sexually harassed. It shook the little confidence I had to the core, and I avoided intimate physical contact for several years. It wasn’t until this year I finally felt ready and comfortable enough to make myself vulnerable again to someone if I wear to meet the right person. And I did meet him.

Grey had broad shoulders, luscious hair, a gorgeous mustache, and a nipple piercing to be seen between his chest hair. That much I had learned from his Tinder profile and our first date. We just kissed that night but that already felt amazing. Soft little kisses soon turned into feeling his tongue forcing its way into my open mouth. I enjoyed every minute of his control. I got so excited that I started to shiver. He noticed and asked me what was going on. I replied to him with ‘just nerves’ and he respectfully accepted.

For our second date, I felt ready to go all the way. I was determent to have sex with Grey. I had been fantasizing about it a few days before. I went over to his place, we had some wine. We started kissing again and he started to feel me up. I took hold of his hand as I again was trembling with excitement. He looked at me with his mesmerizing green eyes and played with my hair. ‘What’s the matter’, he asked. I took a deep breath and opened up about this being my first time. We talked for a bit and he concluded with ‘That’s all right’ and continued where we’ve had left off.

He then climbed on top of me and started undressing me asking with every little step if I was feeling ok. He kissed my chest, my stomach, and rubbed my cock. Not knowing much I mirrored his moves. We were both half-naked rubbing our dicks together still having our pants on. He then took my hand and guided me up the stairs into his bedroom.

There he hugged me again. His warm body against mine. Our tongues further exploring skin. Still hugging me he pushed me with his weight into the bed. As the cold bedsheets folded around my body, he took off my pants and took my dick into his mouth. His warm tongue curled around my dickhead and I was harder than I had ever been in my whole life. He lifted his head and thick threads of precum and saliva dangled between his lips and my cock. He got up, took his pants off, climbed on top of me again, and pushed his big dick down my throat. For the first time, I enjoyed gagging. He moaned and I discovered how much I enjoyed sucking him. In my excitement, I pushed him off, flipped him over, and started to eat his ass as if it were the last thing I would ever do. He was completely out of breath after this and confirmed my abilities with a ‘damn’.

The only thing that remained was penetration. As I deep down knew I was a bottom, as deep he pushed his thick cock inside my very tight virgin ass. I felt the edge of his head popping in, I felt every vein on his dick inside me and it felt amazing. We fucked a couple of times that night and every time was magic.

He made my first time perfect and that makes up for the long wait, which had made me so insecure that in retrospect I coped out on a lot of opportunities in my life. My first time gave me my confidence back and for that, I am forever grateful to you, Grey.