Mallorca, September 2018

One of my favorite holiday spots is Mallorca. I have been three times. Only on my last trip I learnt there was a lot of fun to be had in the dunes behind one of the nudist beaches. I never pick a holiday location based on what it has to offer to a gay guy. I am no angel but up until that point I had not done any cruising.

Anyway, here I am on this stunning sandy beach and something is telling me grindr will not be required here. I am a size queen. I know it and I own it. I walk past this hung guy so of course I get hungry. I decide to talk to him when I see him looking at me. “Hi, what is this? Is that a gay beach?” I try to act like I accidentally ended up here. He confirms that it indeed is a gay beach. “Nice one and what about the dunes? I heard some stories”. “You can just go there and have fun” he say. “Do you wanna go?” I invite him and he accepts. He grabs his little backpack and off we go.

I love a big cock. I love looking at it as much as like playing with it. In fact that is not true. I am a bit gutted when I see a big cock that I do not get to put in my mouth. A fact though is that I think a soft cock can be as beautiful and exciting as a hard one. So I keep looking at his penis as we are walking into the dunes.

Soon we find a little spot and set up my phone to take a video. That is my idea but he is up to it as long his face is not in it. I never get their faces and always happy to send it to them given that they do not share the videos. I leak them myself.

I direct him to go a bit further away from the camera and then I am ready get into the picture and give him the best blow job of his life. I don’t know what it is but I often get this feedback. I suppose if you love doing something chances are you will become pretty skilled at it.

He is shoving his dick deep into my throat, slapping me with it, I am spitting on it… we are having a good time. I get him to shoot his load over my face cause apparently cum is good for the skin. I am kidding, I am just dirty and love spunk, the more the better. It is a huge turn on for me. Being a bukkake boy is a dream of mine. Mind you I have met guys who saved up for me more than a few guys that I have seen in some porn videos.

Back to Mallorca… my new friend and I meet the next day and in the dunes there is another hung guy, he is massive down there, so why should I settle for just one big cock. I get on my knees to suck off the two of them. My “old” friend decides to leave as he does not fancy the other guy. Oh well, another one replaces him in no time and then we are joined by one more while three other men are watching and wanking. I did not serve them cause they are simply not big enough.

This feels both exciting and strange as this is the first time I have audience. They all come on me which does not take much time, it is like a chain reaction as soon as the first one does. In case you wonder there is no video memory of this although I would have loved one. Oh and the beach is called Es Trenc. Meet me there as soon we can start traveling again.