Marvyn from Brussels

When I was 18, I met the girl of my life. Her name was Sophie, a beautiful blonde girl. I used to call her Fofie. She was crazy. I met her at school, she was in the same class of my cousin and I spent all my time with them to be with Fofie. Everybody at school envied us because we were connected, beautiful and had a lot of fun together. We were actually in love. Our story continues for less than 2 years but in the 3rd year, I had to leave Brussels for an internship in the French alps for 3 months. That’s when the hell began!

We had a lot of fights because of insecurity, a lack of news and many problems on our side. I also learned at this moment that I could be transferred to Montpellier for 4 months and I wanted to go to Australia for a year. I knew that for the next two years, our relationship would cross too many obstacles to survive. I decide to break up. It was a hard time because because everything was done through a screen and we couldn’t cry together. That’s also the moment I knew I could come out.

You’ll ask me why being in love with a girl if you know you’re gay! That’s because I didn’t want to accept it and I was really sure about my feelings for Fofie. I truly loved her. I even wanted to marry her… Anyway, I moved to Montpellier for 4 months and then left to Sydney for 6 months. After Australia, instead of coming back to Brussels I moved again to Montpellier where I found my first boyfriend. I think I wanted to run away of my family. I come from a small town where people are not really open minded and I was scared of their reaction. Plus, I wanted to live my sexuality as I wanted. 

I stayed with Rodwen for a year and half and later decided to move back AGAIN to Brussels because even if I had the time of my life there, I was not doing my dream job. We continued as a long distance relationship but that was not for me. When we broke up, his family learned he was gay and I took this opportunity to take my courage and told my family. My sister already knew because she came to Montpellier. I told my mother when we were walking around in Lille.

She didn’t want to believe it. She cried and I left her to tell my father. I don’t know why but I knew it was easier to tell him than her. He just said ok and left back to Brussels. Fofie already knew since a year because I wanted her to know the truth as soon as possible. Of course my parents were not happy and when I visited them two weeks later, they told me that everyday when they woke up, they thought it was a nightmare. After a while, they started to accept it, they already met some of my boyfriends and loved them. They just want me to be happy and to be who I am. Fofie is now, since I came out, my best friend and knows everything about me, my dates and my life.