Our Bodies

A few hours after we met,

Mateus & his Lithuanian friend, Genadius went back to my hotel room in Berlin, planning to take some pictures.

I was in the mood as this was totally unexpected.

I had met Mateus twice in Berlin. He likes male nudes and has a wide collection of photo books and zines, I mean a lot.

Genadius, tall and blond, very typical Northern European. I vaguely remember the met each other on facebook and traveled together a few times.

Mateus told me that it’s unlikely to take photos of Genadius as he’s very shy.

Nevertheless, there he was, flashing his hard cock in the toilet at a bar, letting me take some quick shots.

I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or that’s the true nature of him.

Tthe goal was to get naked and snap some photos with my point&shoot analogue camera.

There’s no concept, only freedom. I loved the idea of exploring and experimenting, especially with film as I didn’t know what results you would get.

Once we got back to the hotel. We stripped Genadius naked. He showered. Later, the rest of us also did.

I let Mateus take a few photos of us. It’s the first time that I expose my body to the camera and let someone else take photos.

I don’t know why I suddenly felt fine. It’s about time.

Our bodies became a subject, a play ground, outside any context.

So here they are, the photos, free, raw, crude, animalistic, and yet, very real.


I can’t help but start to think about the work of Ren Hang. Recently I took time to read some articles on him and his work. His view on body and sexuality resonates in me.

Article on Ren Hang’s poems

In conversation with Ren Hang

Nudes are there since always. We were born nude. So talking about revolution, I don’t think there’s anything to revolutionize. Unless people are born with clothes on, and I want to take their clothes off, then I think this is a revolution. If it was already like that, then it’s not a revolution. I just photographed things on their more natural conditions.

I want to say that our cocks and pussies are not embarrassing at all.

—- Ren Hang