São Paulo – Brazil, May 2016

Intimacy turns me on. I sat naked on the bed, kneeling on my legs, watching him shower. I could measure his body by inches, I knew him from head to toe. And ass. And Probably all his skin that water touches now, and I already touched (or licked) before – I thought. Black beard and black hair, slim and hairy body. He smells like a good and comfortable old t-shirt that we can’t stop use. He got out of the shower and silently sat with me in the same position, facing me. He knew, our ritual was sacred. He grabbed my face and kissed me slowly. I touched his body, still feeling a little wet. I glided my hands from the chest to belly, legs and to his ass and made soft movements to prepare his body for what would to come.

He touched my cock, which was hard and wet. Stroke me without jerking, he licked the head then kissed me to share my precum. I pressed him on top of me. W were covered by each other, skin with skin, kissing and feeling the hard parts sliding. Like a statement of our desires. We broke the kiss and he sat on me. In a natural movement I entered him. My cock knew the way. He took it all in and, before riding, he kissed me again, feeling me hard inside him without moving.

To be honest, I completely loved this moment. I looked at his eyes knowing I was completely inside him, hard, full of passion and devotion. His cock hit my belly while he started to ride, looking at me, faster and faster. I grabbed his ass, sweating, with my finger I could feel my dick moving in and out of him. He rode fast, putting his arms back on my thighs to support his body and continued to ride. 

Then I felt something hot in my belly and his asshole tighten. He came without touching his dick. It was scarily good. Both of us were surprised. I remember this second of silence just appreciating the scene. This was our movie. We smiled and kissed passionately. He brushed his body against mine and spread his thick and white cum on us. Lying beside me, he masturbated me using his cum. He knew that I like to cum while kissing. I came hard, with my eyes closed, on our wet bodies. I opened my eyes and he showed me a giant smile as usual. He said he liked to watch me cum. We lay there in silent, with the bedroom smelling like sex for some minutes, feeling our fast breath.

We took a shower together, cleaned each other and cuddled naked to sleep. I loved us, our sex and intimacy. It makes the most natural sex the most memorable one. I remembered his taste, how he kisses, smell, what he likes in bed and out of it. I remember the weight of his hands, his body, how he fucks and gets fucked by me. Sometimes I think I still can remember the feeling when his dick fits in my hands. We share our lives for years, our private infinity. I was happy and I knew it.