As I was hopelessly browsing on Grinder a headless torso texted me if I wanted to suck his dick. He wouldn’t send his face so I didn’t bother much but then he told me that he has some rules that I’d have to follow. That caught my attention cause I love role play.

His text was:

  1. You come at my flat and you kneel in front of the door
  2. Until I cum you don’t stand
  3. if I have to move you you’ll still be on your knees
  4. You’re allowed to look only from my cock and down, unless you’re instructed otherwise
  5. You obey my sucking instructions
  6. You’re not allowed to use your hands
  7. You’ll suck slowly and gently my cock and then I’ll skull fuck you
  8. You get to choose if you want me to cum on your face, mouth or deep in your throat

Once a week i go and service his cock in the morning while i still haven’t look at his face, but I’m happy deepthroating his huge cock with the view of his hairy legs, v shaped lower abs and his soaking from my spit balls.