It was really hot that night and I was all sweaty. Me and my family just arrived at my grandparents’ house. I used to love hanging out here all summer with my friends, but now is just a torture for me. More or less.

Most of the time during my ‘vacation’ I was lying down on the porch, listening to music. I remember It was Tuesday when they arrived. Maria and Viktor – the cute neighbours, twins, around my age. I lifted my head and waved. They smiled and nodded. After a couple of hours they came to say hi. It was that moment when I fell for Viktor. He had black curly hair and green eyes. Both of my weaknesses, combined. His skin was pretty white and he had a bigger nose. He had a green T-shirt, stuffed into his blue jeans. Maria was quite beautiful as well. She was wearing a black sport bra and a pink jumpsuit. 

We started hanging more and more. Swimming almost everyday at the lake. Eating lunches together. We were almost inseparable. I extended my staying with a week. I had to.

There was an old bakery, which was not functioning, close to the village. We were there every night so we can get high and chill. It was amazing. Dark blue sky, bright stars, warm blankets, pure vodka.

Viktor was sharing stories with me every time his sister was gone. I was listening and looking at the cloud surrounding his angelic face. I wanted to kiss him, but he was too straight. Once we fell asleep there and he cuddled me, cuz it was cold. I had a hard rock boner so I turned the other side. He followed me and turned as well. I pretended not feeling his dick touching and rubbing into my butt. I smiled and slept like a baby.

When I woke up the next morning he was already up talking on the phone with his sister in front of the bakery. Maria came in and smiled, then gave me a box with freshly cooked pasta. Viktor and Maria’s father were Italian. That’s why they got the features I adore. After a couple of minutes, I finished the pasta and walked outside. And there he was smoking his cigarette and looking at me. He waved and laughed. I didn’t get a text about meeting up the following evening.

I went to bed early cuz I was haggard and didn’t sleep well the past few days.

It was around 4am when I heard knocking on my window. My adrenaline went to the clouds. When I looked through my grandma’s curtains I saw Viktor with a bag on his back. He smiled and made a gesture with his hand. I changed my clothes, washed my face and went outside. When we got to the lake he lighted up a joint. He told me to help him with the blanket. Then we sat and smoke. Then we were about to lay down but he stood up and took off his clothes. He asked me to do the same. And I did it. Then he came closer to me and took my boxers off slowly. He was piercing me with his eyes. I felt like a prey hunted by a huge predator in front of me. I wanted that and obviously so did he.

He kissed me on the neck and pulled me closer. The goose bumps, oh God. The pleasure of being close to him. He took off his underwear as well and went into the lake. I followed, of course. The water was deadly cold but I didn’t care. We started swimming and joking around, while the Moon was shining so bright. I could see our reflection on the water, but I was too busy not taking my eyes off him.

He came closer to me and reached my dick with his hand. I was already hard. He smiled with his eyes closed and put his forehead on mine. He was giving me a slow handjob with addition of a quiet moan. He put my hand on his dick and started handfucking me. Suddenly he stopped and swam back to the shore. I was still feeling his hand. He lied on the blanket and the light was reflecting on his almost perfectly shaped body with a little bit of hair. His dick was still hard I could see it pulsing. I lied next to him. He didn’t say a word so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Viktor rolled over me and started kissing me passionately. He was rubbing his hard hairy cock with mine. I was literally on the moon. Felt his tongue going down with a wet path behind it. Viktor grabbed my dick and I saw his devious smile right before he started sucking me. I started to moan a little bit harder so he put his other hand on my mouth. The effort he was putting on his tongue game was strong. 

It was my turn, my very second time doing this. So I grabbed the dick and started to kiss his head adding a little bit of tongue. Then I went down his balls and played with them a little, while scrubbing his dick. I choked the first time trying to take it all. He made a noise. Viktor’s breathing was frequent and slow. 

We weren’t over when he stopped me and reached his backpack. I was so confused. I thought he knew I was still a newbie at this. He said he forgot the condoms but he got his dildo. A huge purple rubber dick with the veins on. It was big and I got a little scared. He told me not to worry and get on four limbs. I did it and my breath got slower. He spit on his fingers and put them inside me. Slowly and painfully. I almost screamed. He took his underwear and wrapped it around my mouth then continued fingering me. I started to like it so I relaxed.

Vicktor took the dildo and slowly put it in my anal. It was really painful but I was enjoying it. After a few seconds the purple monster was half inside me. My moan got louder so Viktor stopped for a second. He started to move it forward and backward. Being fucked by a dildo wasn’t that bad. 

Viktor pulled out the dildo and lied next to me. He started to rub his dick so did I. We both came.

I stood up and went into the lake while he was lighting up a joint. He was watching every move I make and, of course, he was laughing silently. After we both got dressed, we went home. 

In the morning I got a call we should meet at the old bakery. I went there but I was alone. There was a box and a note. I started walking towards them with small steps thinking about last night. I opened the box and I saw the dildo. The note was saying that they are leaving. I didn’t know why but my eyes got watery. I kept on reading the note, but I wasn’t really. I stopped after the first sentence. Clearly I was in love but it was over.

After going back at my grandparents’ house, I called my parents to come and take me home. I was depressed for a week or so. But every time I use the dildo the memories are hitting me back so the pleasure is incredible. 

Thank you, Viktor.