Thank you so much. The goal of 3600 euro has been reached with your help. I am so excited about the idea of these two new zines coming to life soon. At the same time, I am very grateful to each one of you.

Now, let’s talk about what’s next…the stretch goal…

If 5000 euro is raised by the end of the kickstarter campaign, the extra special zine “THE SEX ZINE” will be made and published. It’s a zine that celebrates our bodies and sexuality. Sex is the theme but the zine is not only limited to sex itself. It’s a visual journey about what lies beneath it. Lust, desire, love, sensuality, pleasure… you name it! It offers you a very intimate insight into some of the most memorable photoshoots.

The zine takes the same format as the taleofmen magazine and consists of 3 parts:

1. Photos of Tale of Men boys

2. Works of Invited Photographers

3. Real Sex Stories & Nudes Submitted by Followers.

All backers will receive 20% discount on this special zine. A discount code will be sent after the stretch goal is reached.