I always felt compelled to be submissive in hook-ups. In my head, the idea of being a mean to an end, as pleasure for somebody, could already make my breath go faster. And on that day, the moment when he said “I’m going to your place”, my heart skipped a beat. It was even not necessary to ask. He knew I would say yes.

He entered at my place and I was just only wearing yoga pants waiting for him, pretending to get ready for a run. As his eyes captured me, I felt the weight of his hand on my back. He was mad with the world, and I was his escape from it. I was a small toy in a giant’s hand, tossed around by his desire. I had no longer vision, I was a moan in his ears, as he deeply was shaping us as one. 

In no time the clothes were removed. Only skin was left, just bare touch, with no filters. I was exposed to his desire, while bringing mine to the light. My neck felt the first bite and he traveled the way down. The shine in my skin was telling where his tongue swam through. That symphony of goose bumps on my body ended when his hand asked for my mouth. I hadn’t even touched him, but I was already tasting it.

Then I had it all. My lips kissed his moments before feeling his arousal. I was feeling all of my body moaning. I hadn’t to touch me to feel my aching flowing in my cock. He pretended to ignore all that, making himself my source of pleasure. Some minutes after, looking him from my knees, my eyes were tearing… I was begging him to be inside me. 

“On four!” he said. And I was giving all of myself to him then I felt him enter my hole. I could feel him moving inside of me while our bodies where almost glued to each other. That movement of skin was drowned in my moaning. “It will feel a bit hot now”, those were the words which echoed in my ears, and my body was pressed into his chest while he’s shooting his hot cum deep inside. He was pleased. And I was left there, used and creamed as his way out of a bad day.