“Yes, weʼve met in the darkroom. But I don’t think we are the only ones who have such a dating story.” @laslo_ve and @nico.gunther.921

Once moving to Berlin, it was difficult to understand what to do next and in which vector to move. After a month of constant monitoring of events in Ukraine and the urgent help I could provide there, nothing seemed cute anymore. So my friends, seeing me in this state, decided to take me dancing in the mecca of Berlin’s club culture – Berghain. 

For me, it was the first attempt to come to my senses and take a break from the news columns about a full-scale invasion, if only for a few hours to find myself in a space that is not controlled by the information abyss. Getting to know the local scene really has a meditative effect – you disconnect from social networks and immerse yourself in music. 

…and then the desire for intimacy appeared. Darkroom. We got to know each other by touch. Knowing the body is a great aesthetic, it is easy to spoil something, and it is difficult to make everything perfect, because for this you need two like-minded people who can play by each other’s rules. And so it happened – we found each other by touch, and when the kisses ignited in desire, we decided to retire. We still stayed in the darkroom, but in another part – on a black cube that looks like a bed. Usually, this place is not often used, because there is a small beam of stage light above it, which spoils the idea of ​​a darkroom. But we were not up to that – we wanted each other, and immediately merged in a passionate sex. These feelings of synergy between us will remain forever. 

And there is another good memory – when we were already exhausted, but happy, and just continued to lie on this black cube, a man approached us. He was an observer of our action, and just wanted to comment: “It looked like a real performance of love. Bravo! I really enjoyed the way you feel about each other!” 

This was the moment when I met Niko. Now, when we’ve been dating for almost a year and a half, we already call each other “my future husband”. As if in jest, but also as if seriously. After all, relationships are always difficult – you need to build something from the very foundation. But if one brick is shaky, then all the others will fall. Or they can be put firmly in place thanks to good joint work on such a house of relations.