A collection of photographs offering a glimpse of inner worlds and emotions of photographers.

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Last year my appendix ruptured. I spent 5 days in the hospital on antibiotics and going through hell. I had to wait two months to get it taken out so all the infection would be gone.

I was studying for the Bar Exam and trying to graduate Law School, and it nearly destroyed me. I couldn’t have made it through without my loving partner who took such good care of me, and made me go to the hospital when I wouldn’t.

I can be stubborn and have a high pain tolerance. I need to remember to ask for help and accept it when offered. My surgical scars is a constant reminder of this, and choosing to live life joyfully.

—- photo and text by @yougotjunkmale

We had been friends long before we started having sex, eleven years to be exact. On that night we had been dancing until the sun came up and we were feeling more carefree than we usually allow ourselves, maybe because of the drugs or maybe because dancing to exhaustion agrees with us. Somehow I always felt closer to you in that sweet abandon. As the sun rays made everything feel more tangible, revealing the true shapes of the trees and leaves around us, I confessed my love for you, for I could never love anyone the way I love you as a friend.

—- photo & text by Joao Matos

I miss that Monday afternoon, the sun was so bright, in my room, we hugged each other quietly, we didn’t talk but it was very comfortable, and we never contacted again,

—- photo by jaihanglin

The mysterious boy entered my hotel room in Madrid. His name is Joan. He asked me questions after questions. It’s relieving, talking to strangers without reservation and pretence. After listening to me talking about my life and feelings, he said something I would remember for a long time. It stung as it’s the truth. He’s like a surgeon with surgical precision. He knew I was not prepared for his words so he looked at me. With just a look he reassured me and I was at peace again. Truth, when laid bare, makes us feel more naked. However confrontational and uncomfortable it is, it’s exactly what we need sometimes. I don’t remember how and when we started to removes the layers of our clothes, it felt natural like breathing the air. His skin is smooth and his lips are warm. His eyes are so telling. That afternoon, in my hotel room in Madrid, we created a beautiful moment. “I wanna see you again when you come back.” He said to me. With that, I was happy.

I knew at that moment that I had to learn how to say goodbye to you. After years, I still don’t know if I have succeeded in doing so. Sometimes people would ask me if I have every fallen in love with someone, I think about you and ask myself, “Is it love?” If no, why am I still thinking about you. If yes, why am I willing to let it go?