When I was 15, I made a new group of friends. I was tired of my highschool group, too straight for me. The new group wasn’t too different though, but it was definitely better. I just knew one boy from this new group, who introduced me to the others (just three more people). There was a boy called Juan Martín. I had never seen him before, and I fell in love at first sight. Juan Martín lived just two blocks away from my home. The reason I had never seen him I think it was because we were going to different schools. We started to get along (we had a lot of things in common, besides we lived very close). He was really handsome. Black hair, light brown eyes, very thick eyebrows and beautiful and hairy legs (he used to play rugby by that time). His parents had a countryside house, and they spent a lot of time there, that’s why we used to be alone in this house. I used to sleep over at his house very often (usually in his parents bed, and just using our underwear). My parents and his parents suspected something of course, but we really didn’t care about it. After some weeks, we were fooling around at his parents bed, almost naked (it was summer), and I fell over him. Our faces were too close, I didn’t move, so he started to kiss me. My first kiss with a guy. But it didn’t end there. We were 16 by that time, we wer

e really horny, so we started to touch ourselves. I did him just a blowjob  (I didn’t have any experience, but I think I did a great job). He cummed in my mouth and I cummed over my body. Was a great first time, and it’s something I will remember forever.

Since I was a young boy, I had the fantasy of being a porn actor. I always thought my dick would look great on camera, it’s very photogenic. In 2018 I learned that some acquaintances had started with something called OnlyFans. It caught my attention, and I started talking to them to find out what it was all about. At that time, I had returned from a long trip, and was looking for a job. I seriously thought about opening a profile, generating content and seeing if I had any luck with that. I finally got a traditional job, so I put the OnlyFans idea aside. A year ago, that idea came back to me, this time stronger than before. So with many fears and prejudices, I decided to activate a profile on the website, without much expectation. I started uploading very calm content, where I was alone. Over time, I was encouraged to do more, and began to make collaborations with other guys. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the level of exposure I’m getting. I really like to think that there are people who enjoy seeing me having sex or masturbating. Besides the money I’m earning, which is very good by the way, I like the idea of generating genuine content and that people can see me really enjoying it. I only make content with guys that I really like, since I feel that if I fake pleasure, it will show on camera, and I don’t like it that way. I also have sex like I do in real life, I don’t like to invent weird poses or situations for the camera. I can’t film with anyone, that limits me quite a bit, but I think it helps a lot with the quality of the content I produce. For now I am very happy working on OnlyFans, I do it at my own rhythm, and the way I want. The day that changes, when I no longer enjoy it, or have to do things out of obligation to not lose the interest of the public, it will surely be the end of my career as a porn “actor”.