What is life? For me, life is a mixture of sensations sometimes good sometimes bad. I’m a very sensitive person. I like adventures, I like to walk, I like to meet people and listen to your stories. Today I remember when I was afraid and when I thought being different was bad. I thought I was sick, drowned in my thoughts, lonely, and lost. The insults at school and not being able to count on my family were very painful. 

I had negative thoughts and felt isolated and anxious because I didn’t want to feel weird and different. Nobody likes to feel that way/ We all want a place and feel loved, accepted, and valued for who we are, not because of how we express our affection to other people, no matter what their sex is. It shouldn’t matter when there are sincere feelings. I couldn’t understand the situation, I had many questions but few answers, there was a lot of pressure to feel that you are disconnecting from other people. But who says it’s good or bad? What’s the beauty? What’s the right way? 

Over time I met more people and I started to know and love myself. Gradually I develop as a person, facing my fears and listening to my heart and feelings. Society sells us beauty stereotypes that do a lot of damage. There were many things that generate shame. I used to dislike my body. Perfect bodies, social networks, ideal lives and fulfilled goals are things far from the reality of millions of people who every day struggle to fulfill their dreams, who suffer and laugh, that we are real people, that life is about those ups and downs, falling and getting up again, then trying again.

After I understood these, I started to suffer less and love myself more. I started to enjoy everything that life gives me over time. I have made a process of acceptance and self-recognition I still have insecurities but now I am strong and at peace. Today I keep working on the things that are coming. Religion can do a lot of damage. The true religion is to be good people and help whenever we can!! Making these pictures is liberating because naked we are all equal.