As far as I can remember, I have never felt comfortable with myself. As a kid, I was too skinny. Growing up, I was too lazy and not into sports for many reasons. When I became an adult, my laziness and sweet tooth got me into gaining weight. It is only when I saw myself severely depressed and unfit for many aspects of life that I started to take care of myself. I wanted to be fitter, but most importantly, I wanted to look good naked.

I have always been fascinated by the naked male body but never by my own. Wearing a swimsuit has never been a good experience. I was always too insecure about my big hips and thighs. It didn’t seem to fit my body. I started being a nudist and going to the gay nude beaches because I felt more comfortable naked and I also wanted to see other men naked. 

My first experience was very far from home, on vacation in South Beach Miami. I went to Haulover Beach because I knew it was a popular nude beach with gay men. The diversity of naked bodies on display was endless: young, old, muscular, slim, big, hairy, smooth… This was also a revelation to me. I am not perfect, but what is a perfect body? Does it even exist? Are other men comfortable in their body? I have learned with time that even the best looking men have their own insecurities. Being naked made me feel so much more confident about myself and relaxed. I am not hiding under branded clothes, or trying to be seen with bright colors and posh outfits. It is me as I am. 

I’m still discovering myself day after day, but I am sure that I have become a nudist and to some extent a naturist. This is the best thing that happened to me recently. Now, I am living naked most of the time at home. I workout naked and enjoy it more than ever. I go on vacation to naturist resorts, as they are usually located in very beautiful locations. I also love hiking and spend some time naked in the forest or on the beach, far away from anyone. The freedom to be one with nature around is so amazing. It makes you forget most of your issues, which is great for a naturally anxious person like me. 

I am a very private person despite what might be seen here or on my social media, what I consider to be my « meta verse ». Having a virtual life where everything is controlled and curated is very comforting. There is also a sexual aspect of nudity because I enjoy showing myself and being seen. When you show your naked body on social media, the attention you draw is high. The feedback I receive is positive and encouraging even if it is superficial and interested. I don’t mind it, I’ve worked hard enough to enjoy this aspect too. We never know what life has planned for us, so I am glad I have found a way to live more at peace with myself.