When I arrived in this country, I had a lot of pre-conceived ideas, about the people, about their way.s of living and the overall atmosphere.

I quickly got to meet amazing people, do amazing things, even start projects that I would never think I could be a part of back then.

All of my encounters in Brussels have made me evolve and brought me so many new energies, and of course, it has been a bumpy ride, but I guess it balances for all the awesomeness of life.

I’ve always cultivated a pretty dark and macabre image, so much that most people, aside the amazing family of friends I have around me of course, just see the satanic allusions, death related jokes and think I’m some kind of crazy party zombie that only thinks about sex, drugs and doesn’t take things seriously. Honestly, I think I kinda am but only two days a week, most of the time I’m really a witch-grandpa who’s always cooking for his kiddos, giving self-care tips and going to bed at 9pm… Wait, that’s a great Grindr bio !

FOOD. It has been my life, quite literally, for years now. I used to work in restaurants but my body didn’t follow up with the rhythm, I got some bad life experiences and that made me make choices to secure my safety more than my passion, but I guess I’ll get back into cooking on a professional level one day !

My cultural background offered me an amazing knowledge of food as a basis but I quickly got into other types of world cuisines, and today, I guess I became some kind of food nerd, from experiencing Iraqi medieval cuisine to elegant modern Japanese techniques, you name it, and I probably have a homemade spice blend that goes with it.

Sex, sex, sex, baby ! I’ve had some HUGE body change, and even today I’m still having body issues, but who doesn’t aye ?

I used to never feel valid enough to be a sexual person, diminish my very own self because I didn’t feel legitimate in a sex talk and all that jazz, but motivation came and decided to get me to act upon it, and in a little amount of time, the body I, Oh, so hated, became a celebration !

Our community is very sex related and has been defined by that, I guess so much that it has been self-appropriated, and some of us enslave their bodies to follow a set of rules to act as their sexual ID Card, but bitch ! I don’t have time for this, so yeah, decided to go against the world with my newly discovered body ! And porn happened, and a whole world of nakedness, sexual imagery and aesthetics had to be explored !