My name is Boris and I was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1990. I grew up with my mother and two older sisters, because ‘dad’ was never there and certainly not for me. It’s no wonder that I went gay, I mean, I always knew that I am gay. I was always searching for a “male-looking-figure” you know? In fact, I have created a big mentally trouble in my head since my parents broke-up.

So, the circumstances: I was 6 years old and was with my family in Spain for summer vacation at my grandparent’s house. My mom and dad were already in dispute, so they decided to go back home in Brussels. The ‘problem’ was that I was the mini favorite of my mom so she decided to take me also home and let my two older sisters with my grandparents’ home in Spain. Oh, I forgot to tell, we went back by car… which means we had more than 24 hours to drive…The only thing I can remember is my grandmother saying to my mother: “Leave Boris here, don’t take him with you”. But she didn’t listen.

So, we drove the hole day but nothing special… only long roads that never stops. We finally stopped at a “Campanille” once it was night. Its like a sideway hotel where you can eat and sleep. After the long distances we drove we were hungry so we went to the restaurant of the hotel and it’s at that moment that I never could thought the nightmare was about to start. My mother was suddenly crying, left the table and ran as far she can. My dad didn’t know what to do, told me “wait here” and went running after my mom.

I was left alone at a table outside in the dark for a long time. Like maybe 50 min? then my dad came back alone, he didn’t know where mommy was. So, he put me in the room of the hotel, put the tv on and went back searching for mom. But mommy stopped a car, and went away. So, I was left alone (again) for the whole night…with the movie “Jeanne D ’arc” on tv. I was literally traumatized. Afterwards I’ve got like multiple skin issues and was mentally not good but I tried to hide it and stay positive. I was to young to understand wat was happening to me but my body was talking. I remember that I grew up really fast.

At the age of 8 (1998), just before internet was officially released, I found in my mothers’ room some books with naked pictures of men and women. It was actually an old dating method before grindr lol. People sent like a picture of themselves with some text added telling what they were looking for and what they like. It was actually funny cause they added also their phone number. It was a magazine which was released every week I think, I don’t know I was too young, you remember? And while looking at all these funny pictures I will always remember how I preferred looking these beautiful dicks rather the boobs. Voila why I always knew I am gay.

Now after 24 years, I have managed to get out from all these shitty life problems. I have a Boyfriend which is completely different from me and that’s what I like.  You will notice some scarfs on my body and my face, they are like pictures to me. So even if I am mentally stronger, I have to face it every day. Witch make me stronger every day! I don’t have any good family relationship, but I know that I can always count on my boyfriend, friends and my wonderful neighbor who has show me the right way of life. I have met a good fate!