“It must be hard!”, “I feel sorry for you” , “Hope you guys can manage this”, “I couldn’t do this” … just a few ways of how people react when they hear about our long distance relationship, or any in general! To be honest, indeed it doesn’t sound motivating having 1000 km between you and your love. 

So let‘s start from the beginning, where it all began two and half years ago, with one like and one comment on Instagram. After this first reaction which of course let to others, it was clear there is mutual interest and curiosity which soon grew into desire to meet in real.

It took nearly 5 more long months of perpetual virtual contact until we were able to do this. The day we finally met was the most exciting, most thrilling and most fulfilling moment. 

None of us could have ever imagined that growing such a strong bond without meeting in person was even possible. The feelings were definitely there and they were real but there was also a certain fear present. The moment we saw and touched for the first time was overwhelming and erased all doubts. It felt like we knew each other forever but yet exciting as a first date

After a few days of living in our bubble we knew for sure that we belonged together… no matter how far apart we were from each other, and no matter how difficult the circumstances were! It took a lot of patience and perseverance until we found the perfect rhythm. 

We are now having two homes, one in Germany and one in Croatia, so traveling to each other is a part of our relationship! Every packing of the suitcase sets of a certain foreplay, which then during the travel turns into arousal and excitement until we touch again. Fireworks!

At the moment we feel happy and blessed that we get to spend more time together then ever before. The final goal is of course one day living in the same place sharing every single day and every moment, forever! 

Until that time comes we still find ways to have each other in our daily routines and lives which we also make very visible on social media, especially on Instagram. It connected us in the first place and until today remains an instrument we use to share our love with each other and the world. In the end what we found out is that all it takes is respect, understanding and heaps and heaps of infinite love!