Yet another wave you were. That you hit me furiously. You shook me, hugged me, and then got lost in the sea again. a sea of ​​lovers that I’ve been gazing at for years. Yet another wave you were and I, a rock on the shore, gazing at the sea. Looking for the pieces of me that you took with you. Take care of them wherever you may travel. And I’m still here, like a rock on the shore, looking at my erosion, how the waves have changed me, gazing at the sea waiting for the next wave that will look like you.

Pretty much, this little poem I wrote sums up my love life. Either being the wave, always hitting hard on a rock on the shore. Taking something from them and moving again in the vast sea of lovers trying to find another port or shore to hit. We’ve all been there always trying to find the one that will keep us. And other days (most of the days tbh) I’m the rock, always there waiting for that guy that will stay next to me and we’ll gaze at the sea together and feel that summer breeze on our bodies. 

That’s how most of our lives are nowadays, from guy to guy, sex date to sex date always trying hard to find the one. That special someone that will stay, that he’ll be enough for you and you enough for him. The one that will make you his priority and not another option on his list of lovers. The last few years have changed me a lot, like the rock changes after every wave. Made the decision to stay away from any emotion until I’m ready to get back in the race, put all that energy I used for my dating life into some better use. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t give up, just changed my priorities. Sex is still a big deal for me and it’s easy to find now more than ever. NSA fun is the easiest thing to find and when you’re in the right mindset you can enjoy it even more. That being said, I’m happy with my decision ’cause I made myself a priority in the most healthy way. Hitting the gym, seeing the people I love and doing things that make me happy, spending more time with my friends, appreciating the love I get from them and it’s more than enough believe me! A relationship is just the cherry on top of the cake and right now I have a whole cake in my hands, that cherry can come at its own time! I’m happy either way!

Relationships change us, every guy on a sex date, every guy we meet for an hour, a day, a week, a month change us! The right wave is just around the corner, just keep your eyes open and ride it when it comes!