32. Well, 33. Oooook. 35 years looking for my other half … well to be accurate looking for my other whole! Or maybe I can finally stand out alone? Hmmm not sure yet but working on it.

I had some relationships as a teenager, then at university and post-graduation when I thought that being with another person is a great method to fill your sense of loneliness. The last and really traumatic relationship I had was almost 7 years ago. 2 years to recover. 2 years to trust again. And then … nothing! A huge gap. Only random sex. Only Grindr right-now hookups. Only cruising one-offs. Damn, I need a date. Someone to take me out for dinner. At the movies. To grab my hand when scared watching the film. I need someone to rub my always cold feet under the blanket while scrolling on Instagram. Ohhhh that’s another case! The hoes of IG. The attention whores. The divas. The ones that never reply. That never react. The wannabe-influencers that moan for likes and views. And you are never enough for them. But you keep trying and trying. One more like. One more comment. One more heart-eyes reaction and guess what! The instagram guy didn’t reply. Once again! I’ve been on both sides. Quelle catastrophe! On both sides!

And you don’t care about the boy you met the other day cause he is not tall enough or as masculine as you. Despite the fact that he is cute, kind, interesting. You have a lot in common but he is hairier than you wish. Oh, suggest him shave his butt. And if he denies block him. And scroll again on the ig model’s profile. Without any response! You’ve done it again. You know the way. And the result!

I decided that my best friends are my boyfriends. A throuple maybe! Discussing, laughing, crying, couch-potatoing – if there is such an expression- , hanging around and dealing with the everyday problems. Regarding sex, it’s not very difficult to find. Oh well, it is. If you are not happy single, try dating apps. You’ll still be single, but you’ll appreciate it a lot more.

But that’s another story!

Being sexy, behaving sexy, posing sexy doesn’t mean you don’t issue as a serious guy. Being a slut while fucking is awesome! Don’t hesitate to do.

Feel free. Feel confident.

Be your own light before someone else’s, period.