We met each other through a common friend at a dinner. He came with his then-boyfriend. We all had a great evening and danced afterwards. I didn’t pay much attention to him, neither did him to me. A week later he broke up with his boyfriend. Our common friend passed the news to me, and after a night out at a bar I sent him a friend request on Facebook. My intentions were more than clear: I wanted something more than a friendship. I was drunk, somewhat horny and was attracted to this very handsome man.

I received a chat text from him. We exchanged some words and finally, he invited me to have a coffee in the early morning. It didn’t matter we hadn’t slept. I just wanted to share a moment with him. I went to his apartment, we drank that coffee which became the first of so many we’ve had in life. A phrase stuck to our minds from that day on: “do I make some coffee, or do I make myself ready for life?”. Little did we know that we were actually making ourselves ready to share our lives together. 

That’s how happened, 7 years with moments of together and separation. We don’t see separation as break ups because there was nothing broken. Our roads simply drifted apart so that we could explore and grow by ourselves. 
PATIENCE is the key. To complete each other we had to learn to wait, to understand each other, although that would mean to not be together. Then it’s COMMUNICATION. And not necessarily with words, but rather with the soul, with our bodies, with sex and with a look. Words may be blown away by the wind, but we have other languages that remain intact. 

We make our own choices and we chose each other, even in the darkest and worst days, a mix of moments that made us stronger and weaker. Those moments prepared us to fight for our present: against any external or internal threat.

We dared to say to each other “I do”. We married each other to share our happiness with our family and friends. Filled with love and support, we started our new life, ’cause nothing that happened was ever planned and maybe that’s what defines how we are today .

I never thought that a person like that would walk into my life, the one who would make you grow and make your heart beat fast, the one whom you would be willing to let go so that he may find himself and that I may learn to love myself back. That certainly left a mark, and that’s how I define the purest love there is. It created a string that will never break up: like a string that could everlastingly stretch and that is held by the two people in each side. That’s happiness, because together they know everything’s gonna be alright.