My name is jean and I was born in Beirut Lebanon. My parents were born in a war and I am the result of this war. My generation is a post-traumatic generation. I lived in Lebanon for 21 years, studied interior architecture and design, worked there for a year till I decided to run away, run away from war, run away from traumas and start a new page, a new chapter in life, try to define myself the way I want to define myself.

I moved to Paris to study again interior architecture and product design. Education and culture were my only way to escape my country. I am holding now 3 bachelors and 2 masters in interior design, product design and tendencies. I am happily stable and self-aware of all the traumas that my country left in me. I love my Arab origins. I embrace my culture and embrace love.

After living in Paris for 5 years, working hard, crying alone, I am proud to say I have now a French passport,  an Arab dream that helps me feel safe. I am no longer the product of war. Instead, I am the product of my own efforts.

“لقد أحبه من حيث لا يدري”

There you go, if I could be satisfied with one phrase that defines me, I would choose this one. But that’s impossible to satisfy me: anyway, satisfaction is impossible in a different world, a world completely disconnected as soon as the plane landed in a new country, as soon as the language changed. 

It’s been five years since my dissatisfaction has been accentuated. I find myself in Paris, Paris of which I have dreamed for a long time. Dissatisfied, therefore curious, curious about the difference, about the contrast and excited by the new experiences, the positive as much as the negative. 

I am a sick man…I’m a mean man… A repulsive man… Sick? Sick of my obsession, obsession with everyday life, the smallest gestures, the smallest words, the smallest actions and reactions. Sick of my doubts, my dissatisfaction, what intrigues me…I refuse to adapt, I refuse to consent to the real world that it is. My uncertainty pushes me to observe, question, analyze and seek answers, and that’s why I want to apply for this simple reason: “Isn’t a designer an eternal dissatisfied?”