I grew up in a remote village in Belgium I’ve been born gay and I never had to stay hiding in a closet. I’ve been out all of my life. But life in a village has no future for me. People are close minded and how was I gonna find a hook up. Also I felt unsafe there a lot of foreign people who bully young gay guys and there was just no one around for me to fall in love with. although I hooked up with my best friend when we were only 12 but he decided to stay in the closet for a long time so I had no reason to stay there.

I always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant so I decided to leave Belgium behind. I was really lucky to get to Madrid as I applied for Ryanair to be based in Charleroi but during the training course in Dublin I got the chance to choose any base. Madrid was on the list and it had the biggest airport listed, so I took this opportunity with both hands and I never regret it.Thanks to Ryanair my life in Spain took off.

So 10 years ago my life started there in Spain. Good weather, hot guys and parties 24/7. I learned the language by just living there and being social. I start hooking up with the most gorgeous guys ever. Hook ups, threesomes even orgies. Hot guys all around but when it comes to watching porn comfortably at home I prefer to watch straight porn. In particular the gang bangs and I pretend to be that lucky girl thinking I could never dream of that lifestyle.

People in Spain are so much more open minded, or at least in Madrid they are. I guess it’s good weather what makes the people happy and horny. Thank God I took the risk to leave my country behind and start from scratch in a whole new place.

After six years there I found my lovely boyfriend. Now we are quite some time together but 2 years ago I changed companies and started to work back out of Belgium. I do still live in Madrid though because I couldn’t leave the city behind. Nor my boyfriend, the parties, the weather, all the great friends I made and the good life you know.

My boyfriend works in IT and he’s a great guy. He is very handsome and is eight years older than me. He is hilarious and we always have great fun together. We met in a bar which is very popular for gays on Sunday evening. I saw him and I wanted to hook up with him straight away, but he wanted to date first a few times so I guess that’s why we fell in love. He’s not jealous and he doesn’t mind the job I’m doing.

Being away from him is not so easy, I’m having the worst time sometimes but he is quite OK because he always has his friends and family
around. And I’m off and gone for seven days for work.

Now that I’m working back from Belgium my life is not as great fun as it used to be, but from the other hand my job now is way much better and every week I fly back to Madrid on my days off to be with my boyfriend and friends.

Thanks to my job as a flight attendant I get to go to a lot of places worldwide. So I always meet new people, in work or when going out. I never sit still on my layovers so I’m really enjoying the time and make the most out of it.

I’m 33 years now and the next step in life is to get a puppy, as a child I used to have two big dogs and I do miss that a lot. Though for my job it’s not that easy but I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to get a puppy in the very near future though.

I would like to work for the current company until I retire, I feel like in this company there are opportunities to get higher up so I am in it for the long run.

My life as it is right now it’s great and of course I hope this will stay like this forever.