So, there was this guy I met on a dating app. Nice, delicate features, bright green eyes and a slim body. A little taller than me. I invited him home, we watched a movie, our bodies next to each other but shy to touch. I kept noticing his left leg moving towards me, just a little. When the movie ended we knew what we wanted. We started kissing. We took off our clothes and admired each other, our bodies rubbing against one another. His hair was really soft and smelled of flowery shampoo. Then, the foreplay time was on, blowjobs and rimming. His tongue slided softly along my cock and he was gentle, not to hurt me, I wouldn’t protest though. My turn came and I went down on him, I opened his butt cheeks and started licking his ass. His hole was smooth with no hair and my tongue ran across his warm skin easily.

Once his hole was wet enough and I had the sweet taste of him on my lips, I grabbed a condom and told him to put it on my dick. He obeyed and I watched him slide the ring all the way down my shaft. It was so sexy and felt arousing having another dude’s fingers run a piece of plastic all over me. It tickled me a bit. When I got inside of him we both moaned. He was so tight and warm, I could cum with just two pushes. But I didn’t. I kept pushing and kissing his wet lips as he was pulling me deeper inside of him. He kept making those weird faces but I interpreted them as pleasure and that made me wanna push even harder and deeper; sweat dripping down my forehead. After a while I knew he was ready and I watched his cum flow out of his cock and onto his chest as I kept pounding him. Then, in a few seconds I came inside him while biting his lower lip, I remember his breath hot and moist. I fell on him and we lay there for a few seconds, in sweat and cum. After a while I got out of his tight hole, I took the condom off and joked about how full it was with my fluids. His cum was now on my chest too and it was trickling on the carpet but never mind that, I kind of like the stain it left. We showered and returned to bed for more cuddling. I started to memorize some of his pimples and stretch marks. My chin rested on his shoulder, a fresh mix of vanilla with sweat and I asked if he had fun. He said yes, he liked it even though his hole was now sore. I smiled. It wouldn’t be the last time I’d leave him sore. We continued our conversation about the the next movie we were going to see, knowing where it would lead again. So, yup, there was this guy. He’s great. We still have sex very often. I think he’s my guy and I’m his.