I discovered that I am gay around 15 years old I think … I was always watching older boys at school in the changing room 🙂 I had as well two nice neighbors who were 24 years old. I loved to observe them while they were cutting the grass without t-shirts and I was imagined how wonderful it would be just to hug with them Haha .

One year later something changed in my life when the good friends of my mum returned to our small village from Krakow with their sons. They came each year for holidays and Christmas.Philip was my best friend and we were always happy to see each other after a few months’ “separation” .

One day we decided to make a tent in my garden and sleep there . We even took an old ,small black&white TV and connected to video player VHS . I don’t remember from where but I had straight porn movie on it 🙂 That day for the first time I touched the dick of someone else rather than mine. Nothing more happened that night. We just touched each other through our pants while watching the video .

The next day we were pretending that nothing had happened but Phil said: “I have an idea. Let’s buy the porn magazine called Your Weekend”. well we did it . I was surprised that they sell it to us . We found a nice place in the closed train station and we masturbated each other. It felt amazing. That holiday was the best one of my life.

Few days later Phil asked me to come to his room ( in his grandmother’s house) by night. I was so scared . I had to sneak out of my bedroom on the first floor without my parents noticing it and I did it. He was waiting for me with something in his eyes. Directly we started kissing but we didn’t really know how gay sex was like. So our first time was with Nivea cream haha and it worked well.