When guys ask me what I like, it is always the same answer: I love sniffing poppers, get undressed progressively while being watched by someone, get in underwear first, sniff even more poppers, start showing off myself to the guy who watches me (my ass, hole, etc), then I prepare my dildo and I insert it deep in my ass. I sniff some more poppers and I start fucking myself hard and deep. Finally, I let the guy join me and we have fun together.

Yeah, this is fucking hot right? But what is surprising behind is the fact that I do lack self-confidence. I do not believe in myself. I am sometimes scared of being myself, I hide my feelings, my thoughts and I tend to apologize for almost everything I do. You would never think that from a guy who likes to show off, but it is true.

I started doing cam shows when I was very young. At first, it was just in front of one guy at night while my family was sleeping. That was scary because I never know if they would wake up. The day I received my first personal computer with integrated webcam, I really was happy. I went on showing off on cam on Chatroulette mostly. Then I saw an ad about cam4 and, of course, I registered.

I created my account and started doing shows on cam4, and later Chaturbate. I just love showing off. When I go out at gay party, I like to play with myself on the dancefloor: sniff poppers, touch my body and play while being watched by others.

A few months ago, I did my very first sexy photoshoot. We started with normal pics and then I started to undress. It felt good, but it’s when I ended up being in a jockstrap with dildo and poppers and I felt really horny and I started doing a show in front of a camera. I LOVED IT and I just to do that again and again. Sometimes I am thinking of becoming a porn star because I do think I would like it. I love sex, I love showing off and I think it would help my self-confidence.

Unfortunately, I have a job that requires discreteness. Yes, I know. My job requires that and still, I show off on cam (besides having a twitter account with X content). The thing is: I love it. It is my private life and it is my right to do it if I feel good doing it. It is not because I am an exhibitionist slut and it will affect my professional career, right? I can still be good at what I am doing at work and doing this on the side.

Anyway, I do not care about what people tell me. I love what I am doing both professionally and privately, so I have no intention of stopping. Just hope that people will go on liking what I post.