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My photography is about connection, my art is about restlessness. Since childhood we are taught that men cannot show vulnerability, that we must suppress our sensitivity. Although nudity is universal, talking about it is still a giant social taboo. Without clothes we are without armor.

Photography comforts me because even though we are alone, we don’t need to be lonely, and the body is the representation of that experience.

Nudity is universal and it is through it that I establish the connection between people.

Erotic? Sexy? Sexual? Pornographic? I am everyone and I am none. The message is subjective and empirical, I cannot control how you receive it. There is no right and wrong, there is vision and interpretation. To photograph is to write with light, not with words. Each person is a universe.

The invitation is for the viewer to reflect on the possibilities of the male body. We can also feel, be felt, and we are also endowed with weaknesses and desires. The proposal is that by observing the intimate of another person, you can deal more naturally about yours.