Yes, my life was a nightmare. 

As a male dancer and nude art lover in the middle of a society where customs, traditions and religion are the ultimate ruler.

My name is Saeed Hani Möller dancer, model and choreographer.

I was born and raised in Syria, one of the oldest civilizations on the earth. In Syria was the beginning of human settlement, the first city planning and the development of the alphabet. Unfortunately time has changed. 

I received my early training at the higher institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. 

The higher institute felt like paradise for me. It was the place where I could express myself to some extent. My life before the institute was not easy. I was that kind of kid about whose dreams everyone made fun of. Many fingers were pointing at me speculating about my sexual identity: “You are not a boy show us your pussy!”, “SHE is a dancer”,  “He movies like girls”, “Shame on you, your family should kill you!”. 

I can laugh at these words now when remember how stupid they were. But for a child it was cruel to go through all of this rejection only because I did not want to be the same like them. Their sentences and insults burned my heart in that time, but now I know that, they are the reason why I’m strong. 

My parents were not angry at me being different. They rather loved my dreams and goals but at the same time they were also worried about me. My unwillingness to join the flock was a scary idea for my family and relatives. They have been under a lot of pressure because of my talent. 

But I did not give up despite the cruelty. My talent was pushing me, my ambitions and my desires. 

It is hard to explain, but I love dance. I feel the magic of the body moving. It’s a thing which you can only feel and I had that feeling so strong. My body took me so far to the most beautiful countries in the world, to the best theatres. I met very important artists, models, photographers, singers, actors, dancers and choreographers. My body brought me to Europe and to Germany, my great Germany, where I had my rebirth, my love and the begging of my future. 

In Germany I met the right people who realised my talent quite fast and showed me the right way to start developing my work. In Germany I met my love, the person that I admire, the person who embrace me and supported me with every little detail. 

I was like his kid. I know nothing like a newborn baby: new language, new culture different ways to express feelings and so many other details. My love was my father, mother, friend, teacher and lover. My love explained everything to me till I became German, part of this society by heart and mind. 

Recently we started OUR dance company Hani Dance together with a support of a German association called “menschMITmensch”. It’s a huge step towards the realization of my big dream. Hani Dance is a contemporary dance company was founded in 2016 with me as the artistic director and choreographer.

I love to combine different cultural perspectives and basically believes in the process of sharing intercultural ideas and viewpoints to be able to create an organic new piece of dance. In the continual search of a new body language and a new way to move the human body the essentials are power, dynamism, spirit and mind. With listening to the outer and inner rhythm of our bodies and lives, we are able to set the stage on fire.

The first project was “One Night Stand” with dancers from Syria, Belgium, Portugal and Brazil. Followed by “Dem Menschen ein Wolf” with dancers from Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico . The latest project, a duet called “Dark Bird” was created during my two week’s stay at the Hong Kong International Choreography Festival. Beyond the creation of dance our goal is to become a home for international creative artists of all kinds – not only to stage a show but to make a stand against inhumanity and superficiality.

I hope that I can reach all my professional goals one day and to be one of these people who change the world to a better place for everyone.

With love and respect.