A story of Loneliness

Jorge wasn’t replying to my messages. The last one was early morning of Sunday, when clearly drunk. Full of compliments, and underlined insecurity.

Not sure if I was bored or horny. 

Or none. 

I decided to stop at the public restroom at that busy station. This handsome bearded guy followed me to the cubicle after our 30 seconds eye contact in the urinals. He opened his trousers quickly, and he was definitely long. 

But shortly after I got on my knees, he exploded. Looking less stressed, he gave me a passionate kiss and left.

Once again I was seated in that train, just after 5pm, counting the stations left for my stop: the last one in the grey-coloured line. 

At this time, surprisingly, I wasn’t imagining stories with all these guys around me. Or trying to guess their sexual appetite based on the bulges they were displaying. 

I was quiet, mentally. 

Maybe realising that it was getting darker earlier, and would only get colder and colder.

So I told myself I would cook something nice that night: treat myself, and avoid spending all my evening just exchanging disappearing pics with hot guys on instagram.

My room was a bit cold, but it felt good as I was getting naked. Those goosebumps and chills down my spine kind of made me awake again. 

And energised – “Maybe better to keep the socks on” I told myself. 

The mirror needed some cleaning – “oh, that old underwear was still looking good on me”… and as I was turning around and checking my reflection, slowly started to take my underwear off. My ass wasn’t looking bad either.

Deliciously, I was showing myself off, insinuating for myself. 

And I got even harder and hornier when I looked into my eyes.

The precum dripping didn’t come as a surprise – I almost have forgotten how sweet and tasty it was. Quickly, I was very focused and into my own body, that touching myself felt like the natural thing to do. But I wasn’t going to touch my dick or ass just yet. I looked again into my eyes and said: “you are mine tonight, and I want to make you beg for it”. 

Not sure how that happened exactly, but I clearly got into a sexual game with myself, my reflection and my desires.

I needed to feel a bit of power and restraint at the same time. Carefully, I put two metal cock rings behind my balls and dick, and one gland ring squeezing where my foreskin supposed to be, if it haven’t been removed without my consent when I was twelve. 

That ring looked nice, and also resembled a Prince Albert – the sort of piercing I always wanted to have, but never have been brave enough to do it.

The veins in my dick were getting thicker as I would slap it and squeeze it – no, no wank is allowed just yet. 

Only the touching over my body, lightly with the tip of my fingers. An unexpected nipple squeeze  happened and I could see my face relaxing, as my eyes were clearly showing I was getting into full self pleasure.  

So I put that glass but plug in front of me. I’ve heard my flatmate arriving, surely it was past 8pm and I was still there. Ryan was almost 2m tall, former rugby player. In his mid-fourties’ and super sexy. However, at this time, his naked body didn’t invade my mind as it would usually do. Neither that memory of him showering with a semi-hard on, in the morning, when I needed to go in to brush my teeth. Couldn’t even remember, at that minute, all the late night moanings coming from his room, followed by that deep breathing he would do after bursting watching porn – or even the times he wouldn’t have know that we did cum together indeed.

I was with myself that night. Even the smell of my own used briefs was amazing. Soon after I looked at my shoes. I loved that white leather trainers. So I got busy playing with my shoe laces around my dick. And sniffing my trainers. Also felt very good to slide my dick inside and slowly move, feeling the insole.

At that point I allowed myself to use the but plug. I was also allowed to wank for a bit. But every time I could feel I was very close, I would quickly stop, slap my dick and just enjoy the view of it pulsing whilst I would tell myself: “no no no… you can’t cum yet”.

Eventually, at almost 11pm, I was finally allowed to. So I put a home-made video of me deepthroating a big dick, whilst wishing I could do it to myself.

 I can’t remember how come the time possibly have gone by that quick. But I enjoyed the view of myself covered in cum, sweaty and wearing those socks. I was tired, but I was very fulfilled: physically and emotionally. 

And within the blink of an eye, I was there again – no new messages