“We, at The Green Corridor Brussels, are very enthusiastic about hosting the first exhibition of the Brussels-based Tale of Men analog film project. By engaging printed editions and online platforms, Tale of Men provocatively intertwines images and text, masculine, gay, bi, and queer stories.

The images created through the close-up angles of the Tale of Men camera make us feel in proximity to the bodies of the models; this personal connection is accentuated by the warm, sensual, and sexy colour of the photographic film, revealing a welcoming sensation, making one feel part of the intimate, erotic and playful tension. The overall visual & haptic experience is accentuated by the anecdotic, erotic descriptions and dreamy-like narratives. Participants generously share their personal experiences, bringing us together in the commonality of mutual care, cultivating the erotic and the intimate.

This first exhibition of the project invites us to participate in the display of printed archival material, images, and text, with in-situ experiences for engagement and participation in an informal, friendly way, such as drawing from life, performance, and a screening session.”

—- Juan, The Green Corridor Brussels

You are welcome to join us during 7-9 June. NO registration is required for exhibition and performances/screening session.

Registration is required for photoshoot sessions and Erotic Nude Model Drawing.


Photoshoot session is in line with the taleofmen project. Each session lasts 1 hour and consists of 2 parts. It focuses on storytelling and our human body.

Part 1: storytelling – share a story of yours. It can be big or small. Chris, the photographer, will engage you in an informal conversation related to your story. 

Part 2: photoshoot – with you as the model, Chris will try to make some intuitive photos of you and your body. Nudity is encouraged but you can wear underwear if it’s more comfortable for you.

The Nude Drawing session will last about 1.5 hour. It limits to 10 people per session and costs 10 euro to cover the fee for the models.

It will start with some quick poses for warm-up, then followed by 3 longer poses. In the end, erotic free-style by the model.

Please bring your own drawing materials.


Contact us if you have any questions or remarks: @taleofmenphotography & @thegreencorridor.brussels