My funniest and most awkward threesome,

A few years ago, a good friend of mine from abroad came to visit me in Paris for a few days.

During the weekend we went out bar hoping, at some point we were so wasted we decided to go back home.

At that time finding a cab in Paris was such hassle you really had to fight for it.

As we were trying to get our ride this cute guy proposed to share car since he heard we were heading same direction.

During the ride we started chatting, as we approached my place, I proposed him to join us for a last drink.

Once in my place we kept on drinking, at some point the guy proposed a threesome, to which my friend and I agreed. First I started making out with the guy then my friend, till we were fully naked.  we told the guy my friend and I didn’t want to have anything sexual since we were very close friends, but we were both going to take care of him.

When it started getting hotter and I saw my friend blowing this guy I couldn’t stop laughing and so was he! We kept trying to get into it but we just kept on laughing at the situation, till the guy realized we were not going to be able to go very far, so he just started wanking sitting in the couch till he came and then left!