The state of the world sometimes saddens me.. I thought that for my story for @taleofmen I’d express myself poetically. These sentences that will follow hold profound meaning to me. But instead of elucidating them, I’d like you to simply read them and translate them the way you want to. Maybe we’ll share the same views, maybe you’ll find something else in these words that will evoke a new feeling or meaning. That’s the beauty of it.

Thanks for having me @taleofmen ! It was a pleasure. And for all, love, live, and let live.

  • rare bird 1 

i just want to fly

i don’t need chains

wanna say what i wanna say

i want to use my brain

  • rare bird 2 

i just want to see

don’t need clouds of smoke

in need of clarity

it’s time to revoke

i dream

of what may seem

so unreal

of what could’ve been

  • rare bird 3 

i just want to be

sick of sceptical eyes

the beauty in me

is worth as much as yours

  • rare bird 4 

i just want to feel

reveal what’s inside

it hurts to conceal

leaving us terrified

i cry

over you and i

over us

over what could’ve been