I’m Alex, when I came to Berlin five years ago, I never thought I’d be naked in front of the camera today.

Of course you try a lot of things in a new city. One is curious about what the city has to offer, and I can tell you that Berlin has a lot to offer. Everyone can live out their fantasies and their fetishes. After a short time I was allowed to be an actor in an amateur porn. It was super excited, so I always wanted more and tried different things.

It’s exciting to show yourself, but I also like to watch, so voyeur and exhibitionist at the same time. I love being naked in nature, on the beach, in parks or in the forest. There’s a special appeal to meeting other guys who like it too.

Cruising in nature is very hot, meeting unknown guys, looking at each other, rubbing cock, showing my hole… wow. Action quickly ensues, I love it when other guys watch me get fucked or I blow hot cocks. I’m happy when the cum flows, I love the taste, the smell. It’s super hot when men are in ecstasy and the cum squirts out of the cock.

A little story about my first porn shoot in nature:

I met a Berlin porn actor and we arranged to meet for my first outdoor porn shooting in a forest in Berlin. It was totally exciting. On that day we met in the forest and first looked where a shooting would be best possible, directly in the forest or in an open area. Ultimately, we decided to start with the open area. We positioned and aligned our smartphones while I was already holding my ass up to the camera. In the meantime some guys looked through the bushes and watched us. Now it started, we kissed and I felt his cock getting bigger and harder. I kissed his body, licked his nipples and massaged his cock. Then I started to lick the hard cock with my tongue, first gently, then hard and always alternately, my spit dripping from my mouth.

Then he began to lick my wet hole, so that a short time later he fucked my hole with his huge cock. He fucked me hard and deep, always in and out. The cameras recorded everything. The horny guys in the bushes looked at us wanking their cocks. in doggy position I would be fucked deep in my tight hole. What a great feeling to be naked in nature and to be fucked without shame.

After that, my hole was widened and open nicely, so we switched positions in the bushes. He fucked me there on a tree very deep and I wanked my cock.

Several horny guys were watching us from afar, i noticed they had a hard cock too.

Nevertheless, I felt the huge cock in my hole and enjoyed the fuck.

It was all super exciting, but still relaxed – I could enjoy every inch.

After we made several changes of position, his cock inseminated me deeply. I felt a huge cock twitch again and pumped every drop cum into me. I wanked my cock until I squirted the cum. It’s a great feeling when the cum is injected into the hole. He pulled his cock out of my hole and I turned to lick every precious drop of cum off his cock. It was sweet and very tasty. Really hot!

My hole was super filled with the hot cum of him. 

The shoot was so relaxed and was super exciting, after that the real work on the laptop began, namely cutting the videos. Watching the videos was so cool that I got horny and wanked my cock until the cum squirted.