Berlin is bipolar, it has two faces, everyone knows it and tries to live in them. When I moved here, I was expecting the cold, the rain, and the long winter, but it was more intense than I expected. For eight months of the year, it’s grey and depressing, you learn to adapt to it, going to work, gym, bars, and clubs. Then it all changes around May, a few sunny days come, and people simply lose it. Everyone is outside, on the streets enjoying the sun, barbecuing.

This duality exists in every aspect of the city. The commute to work changes from subway to bicycle. You no longer want to be in a closed club but one with an outdoor area. Instead of meeting your friends in a bar you meet them in a park or by the canal. And I take every opportunity I get to be naked outside. Here nudism is called FKK, and it is allowed to be naked in many parks of the city, in tiny areas that get overcrowded as soon as the sun is shining.

Being naked for me has been a journey of self-acceptance. A slow process to be comfortable in my own skin, with my body shape, penis size, and confidence. Some how it is also very complicated to me to separate the sexual aspect of it. The exhibitionist in me likes to be out in public, naked, seen, it’s arousing and exciting. A lot of times I find a tiny drop of precum dripping when I am naked in the sun. And with such a short summer in Berlin, I must take every opportunity I can to go get naked outside.

Now life is taking a new turn for me, and I’m contemplating the option of moving out of Berlin. Part of me is sad about leaving this city, crazy and bipolar city that has room for everyone however they are. So, all I want now is to be able to enjoy the happy side of the city before moving away. The last couple of months of being naked and free.