I remember this wonderful moment with my ex …

We were on a road trip in Eastern Europe; Austria, Czech Republic, Germany.

At that time we were on the road in the Czech Republic in the mountains, magnificent mountains of trees, with a dazzling sky above us.  It was just after the Punk Queer festival which was a moment that stood out for me. I was able to connect with my other half and create deep bonds with his friends, a real moment of sharing! We were on the road to explore, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a vast clearing as well as a magnificent sunset.  We, therefore, decided to stop there for the night.  The installation of our small camp finished, I suggested enjoying a drink a little further in the forest with the mattress for more comfort. Once installed we started to discuss, share beautiful personal stories or funny anecdotes.  

After a few beers, the alcohol is starting to work on our bodies.  I think the weed and drunkenness from the past festival are also working. I remember feeling so good there then, with the person I loved the most on the planet.  The tenderness and excitement started to take over, we were hugging each other so tenderly.  I let my fingers run over his body, our lips begin to touch, entwine.  Tension escalates.  The love and desire I feel for him make this moment so strong and intense.  the smell of pine trees … this smell is linked to a moment of fullness.  This smell reminds me of fond memories of childhood, I feel like covered with a warm and gentle aura and energy around us, naked, in the middle of this forest of great beauty.  

We share a very intimate moment where our bodies discover each other in new ways, we really make love and I discover what it is to make love to someone.  This person taught me so much and always amazed me with the new adventures and sensations he introduced me to. This is what I remember .. a different warmth than usual.  At one point I had my gaze fixed on his and fell in love with this amazing person once again! Love is such a strong, intense, disturbing feeling that it is hard to pin down and very often hard to understand.  

But I come to say to myself that surely you just have to feel it the way it is at the moment, let it grow richer over the moments that make up a relationship. Our emotions are a reflection of ourselves, they are unique to us and they are always legitimate, never let anyone make you doubt that.  If someone makes you believe otherwise, it is sure that they do not understand this rather simple principle that every human being is different, sees differently, feels and lives things differently from you.  This person, the first love of my life, made me understand this and so many other great things about human relationships.

Finally, true love has many faces, there is the one we have for ourselves and which in my opinion is one of the most difficult To experience but just as essential. Then there is the love you have for the people you have chosen to love, to cherish in this complex world … This love is most precious to me anyway.