In my opinion, the most beautiful thing in this life is the acknowledgement that I am unconditionally in love (and the road is long). It starts with loving all parts of me, visible and invisible. It means taking care of myself, taking my adult responsibilities by doing my best to heal, reassure and protect the wounded child inside me. It is embracing the bright and the dark sides of me, because I am the two sides of the same coin. It’s also being indulgent with me. It is respecting myself by listening to my most vivid aspirations, my deepest, most intense desires and sometimes, to achieve this, it is to cross my greatest fears… Often, one of the greatest fears that prevent me from realizing myself is the gaze of others, but ultimately it is above all the judgment that I have towards myself… We grow up in an archaic system which conditions us to conform to the norm, to the dominant beliefs. and ready-made patterns that tend to make this world disciplined, formatted and banal… But that then deprives us of the richness and infinite diversity of the human race and of its inner fire. This Humanity needs more than ever to be liberated and reborn. The world needs renewal and re-enchantment… unity in diversity!

A bit of an explorer, I like to embark on little-trodden paths to open new paths and challenge the old… A bit provocative, I like to question the established order and take paths that are not followed. the majority of the herd and I hope to discover a new way to move forward and open the way for others. I would like each of us to be able to feel more free to be fully ourselves and to reveal our full potential. I would like everyone to be able to find themselves beautiful, imperfect, but perfect all the same.

This photo shoot scared me as much as it aroused envy and curiosity in me. It was not easy to expose myself and to be made so vulnerable in broad daylight by delivering my sensuality and my sexuality that I keep discovering and rediscovering and which sometimes surpasses me. It is difficult for me to lose control of my image and the masks that I put up with wearing on a daily basis by abandoning myself to the gaze of someone from the outside. I was afraid of betraying the fire in me if I didn’t go through with the experience by exposing myself in every sense of the word, but I was equally afraid of disrespecting myself, because I see the nudity and sexuality as sacred in an era that has made them vulgar consumer products! It is said that behind our greatest fears hides what we really want… And in the end it’s a new step that I took to meet and accept myself, my strengths, but also of my vulnerability… one more step of love. I haven’t discovered everything about myself yet and I still have things to show, but every day I listen to myself, I open up and I meet myself a little more…