So being gay at 46 in Croatia its almost like being dead. Or at least invisible.

That was one of the reasons why I have decided to take this photoshoot. Cause I wasn’t sure about myself..

Things started to get different around 42 I think. I broke up with my last boyfriend and then covid hit. Then it was two years of that confusion. It kinda came with middle age crisis or was it that one tbing triggered another. Combine that with depression and yes motherfucker, you just hit a jackpot 🙂

I was thinking..I started later with boys, around my 25. So I had what? 15 years of my gay life and now my gay life expired cause Im 46?

I have a joke by myself that when I go on,for instance, Grindr, people tap me just to check if Im alive at this profile 🙂

I get it, gays also lie about them age,and also cock size,but thats another story. And I dont wanna lie, why should I? Yes Im 46,still capable of loving and having sex. But sometimes this make me insecure. Maybe Im just crazy. Who knows? 

My friend once wrote “getting old is not for sissies” and I know what he meant by that.